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Our golf events are as unique and memorable as that one golf swing you really wish you could forget. We bring together community members who share a passion for golf, a dedication to supporting our nation’s heroes, and an appreciation for a well-timed joke.

Every swing you take, every putt you make, and yes, every tree you unintentionally hit — it all adds to the joyful atmosphere and contributes to a noble cause. We’ve got contests that not only challenge your golf skills but also offer a chance to earn some bragging rights. The specifics change from event to event, so you won’t get tired of winning the same old thing. Plus, a bit of unpredictability adds to the fun, right?

But what really makes our golf events a hole-in-one is the positive impact they have on our veterans and first responders. By participating, you’re not just working on your handicap, you’re helping to create a thriving community for our heroes — with a healthy dose of laughter thrown in.

So, grab your clubs and your best jokes, and register today. Be part of the Guardian Golf Community, where we’re serious about making a difference, less serious about golf, and all about having fun together. See you on the green!”

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