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GUARDIAN COMMUNITY GUARDIAN COMMUNITY A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Supporting And Led By Veterans & First Responders


Looking for a fulfilling part-time role that makes a real impact? Passionate about supporting veterans and first responders in your community? If so, Guardian Community invites you to apply for our Outreach Specialist role.

As an Outreach Specialist, you are the frontline of our mission. Working outside, primarily between Thursday and Sunday, you will host events, educate individuals about the effects of PTSD, and help garner essential support for our cause. It’s a role that requires dedication, enthusiasm, and the ability to connect with diverse individuals.

But what you’ll be doing is far more than a job. You’ll be part of a faith-driven team dedicated to serving those who’ve made immense sacrifices for our communities and our country. As you help these heroes navigate the challenges of PTSD and reintegrate into the community, you’ll also be contributing to Kingdom building.

This position is perfect for someone looking to balance their need for flexibility with their desire to make a real difference. You’ll not only earn an income, but also gain the satisfaction of knowing that your work has a profound and positive impact on the lives of veterans and first responders.

Join us in our mission at Guardian Community. Together, we can create a supportive environment where our heroes thrive. Apply today!

Flexible Hours

Part-time Thursday-Sunday

Strong Hourly Pay

$20-$30 per hour

Personal Fulfillment

Work for a greater purpose

Kingdom Building

Serving those that served us

Advancement Opportunity 

Build your career 

Guardian Community