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Outreach Director

Golf Community

Regional Outreach Director    Regional Outreach Director    Guardian Golf Community

CEO, Co-Founder, & Retired Firefighter

Eddie Drozd

Executive VP, Co-Founder, & Veteran

Steve Springer

Director Webinar (Required For Consideration)

Dear Applicants, given the overwhelming response we’ve received for this position, we have decided to host an informational webinar to provide a comprehensive overview of the role. This session will last approximately 45 minutes, will be hosted by our CEO & Executive Vice President, and will detail the responsibilities, expectations, and benefits of the role. At the conclusion of the webinar, you’ll be invited to begin the official interview process. This approach will allow us to respect your time by ensuring a thorough understanding of the role before proceeding further. This is required for consideration.  (A webinar date and time will be provided during the RSVP)

This position involves creating and maintaining relationships with golf course partners, hiring and managing a team, hosting outreach events at our golf course partners and beyond, and identifying community outreach programs to engage local veterans and first responders.

If you believe you are led to this and would be a good fit, please RSVP for a Director webinar to learn more about the position.

Seeking a role that blends your passion for community service, faith, leadership skills, and love for golf? Ready to make a tangible difference for veterans and first responders and Kingdom build? 

You’ll be at the helm of our mission in your region, building essential partnerships, raising funds, and expanding your team. Your role involves organizing effective outreach events and being a community leader. Your vision shapes our efforts and creates a lasting impact. 

We’re looking for those that have 5+ years of experience in B2B and management or significant evangelism experience. We offer competitive salaries, bonuses, health insurance, and the potential for executive advancement. 

The benefits extend beyond the paycheck. Be part of a faith-driven team dedicated to supporting our heroes, and finding spiritual fulfillment in your career. Join us in creating a brighter future for those who served. 

Flexible Hours

Full-time with hours that work for you

Strong Salary, Bonuses, & Benefits

Earn a great income

Personal Fulfillment

Work for a greater purpose

Kingdom Building

Serving those that served us

Advancement Opportunity 

Build your career 

Start your official application here once you have attended the conference webinar.
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