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Eddie Drozd - Retired Firefighter President & Co-Founder

“In our line of work as firefighters, we’ve got to be ready to take on someone else’s emergency like it’s our own – that’s the real heart and soul of looking out for your neighbor.  Guardian Community knows the feeling too.  We’re on a mission to track down our fellow vets and first responders across America and stand with them in their struggles.  We’re not just a resource but a community making real changes in the lives of our veterans and first responders.”

Eddie Drozd, a retired firefighter turned successful entrepreneur, stands as a pillar of dedication and resilience. His years of service in the face of danger and uncertainty have ingrained in him a deep understanding of the challenges and sacrifices made by first responders. As a firefighter, he experienced first-hand the risks involved and the imperative need for community support. These experiences fuel his drive to help fellow veterans and first responders through our nonprofit organization.

Eddie’s business acumen, honed through his journey as a prosperous businessperson, is instrumental in driving our organization towards its goals. His inherent ability to build and motivate teams is rooted in his firefighting career, where team coordination, trust, and communication were integral to ensuring everyone’s safety.

His life’s passion extends beyond the realm of service and into the spiritual domain, as he works tirelessly towards Kingdom building, spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Eddie’s spiritual devotion and the values he learned as a firefighter – integrity, courage, and selflessness – shape his approach to leadership and service.

His dynamic spirit is also reflected in his involvement in bodybuilding, where his participation in numerous competitions underscores his commitment to personal growth and discipline. This resilience and drive are key characteristics that Eddie brings to his leadership role.

Away from the public eye, Eddie is a dedicated family man, sharing his life with his wife and their three children. His commitment to his family mirrors the values of community, support, and love at the core of our organization.

Eddie Drozd truly encapsulates the spirit of service, commitment, and community that our nonprofit upholds. His leadership, greatly influenced by his time as a firefighter, guides us as we strive to support veterans and first responders in the most meaningful and impactful ways possible.

Steve Springer - Veteran Executive Vice President of Development & Co-Founder


“As a veteran and former US army medic, I have seen firsthand the physical wounds of war, and how difficult it can be to live with.  However, too many of our veterans return with wounds that we cannot see, but can ultimately be even more tragic.  Our goal is to create a guardian community around our veterans and first responders to protect them and help them thrive in civilian life.”

Steve Springer is a highly accomplished professional with a diverse background in healthcare, sales, business development, and non-profit management. As the Vice President of Development for Guardian Outreach Ministries, Steve brings a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to serving veterans and first responders.

Steve’s journey began at Texas A&M University, where he actively participated in the Aggie Band and Corps of Cadets. After his time at Texas A&M, Steve pursued higher education and obtained multiple degrees from Wayland Baptist University, further expanding his knowledge and skills. He ultimately earned a Masters of Business Administration, solidifying his expertise in strategic management and organizational leadership.

Steve’s passion for healthcare and service led him to serve as an advanced practice medic and non-commissioned officer in the United States Army. While serving he specialized in critical care at the Brook Army Medical Center Trauma and Burn Ward during Operation Iraqi Freedom and lead the trauma team for the 5501st Combat Support Hospital. His exceptional dedication and leadership were recognized when he was awarded the annual Healthcare Soldier Leadership Award by General Perigini, reflecting his outstanding contributions to providing critical care to injured servicemen and women. 

After his military service, Steve excelled in the corporate world, holding various upward roles in both BTB sales and business development, specifically in managing large government contracts. He also showcased his skills as a Regional Director of Business Operations and Development for a prominent post-acute hospital company, overseeing three hospital teams and effectively managing budgets exceeding $350 million annually.

Steve’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to venture into the retail sector, where he served as a Regional and Area Manager for multiple menswear stores in Texas. Under his leadership, these stores experienced consistent year-over-year sales growth, demonstrating Steve’s strategic mindset and business acumen.

In addition to his impressive professional achievements, Steve has successfully managed a veteran non-profit organization and founded multiple businesses, including the notable custom retail brand, Blu Fine Menswear. Through these endeavors, he has exemplified his passion for making a positive impact in the lives of others, particularly those who have served our country.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Steve is a devoted family man. Together with his wife Terri, they have four children and one grandchild.  His son Sheldon is a firefighter in Texas, and his son Chase is a United States Marine. As a member of the West Houston Church of Christ, Steve actively serves on the worship team, embodying his dedication to his faith and community.

With his exceptional background, unwavering dedication, and extensive experience, Steve Springer plays a vital role in driving the growth and impact of Guardian Outreach Ministries, ensuring that the organization continues to provide essential support and resources to veterans and first responders in our community.


Commander Scott Jackson, US Navy (retired) National Veteran Liaison

Scott Jackson, an esteemed veteran with a remarkable 30-year career as a Commander in the U.S. Navy, is a pivotal member of our Guardian Outreach Ministry team. His unwavering dedication and outstanding leadership have left indelible marks on the service of his country.

Scott has transitioned his expertise and commitment from the navy into making a significant difference in the lives of other veterans and first responders. He understands the unique challenges this community faces, lending invaluable insights and experience to our cause.

With a unique perspective stemming from his service, Scott brings a wealth of wisdom to our team. His comprehensive understanding of the veterans’ community plays a vital role in driving our mission forward. We’re immensely privileged and excited to have Scott Jackson in our ranks, championing our cause, and helping to create meaningful changes in the lives of those we serve.

Cory Andrews Executive Vice President of Technology & Co-Founder


As a humble servant leader, Cory is an invaluable asset to our non-profit organization. Guided by his profound gratitude to the Holy Spirit, he navigates our mission with strategic vision and steadfast commitment. Cory’s roots trace back to his award-winning tenure at California State University San Marcos, where he emerged as a quick pitch champion and began honing his skills in strategic thinking and competitive drive.

Cory’s extensive experience in assembling, training, and developing high-performing teams, particularly in the realm of fundraising and advocacy, has been a significant driver in broadening our reach and enhancing our impact on veterans and first responders.

His capability to create dynamic synergies, refine processes, and inspire staff has fostered operational efficiency and growth. Moreover, Cory’s pivotal role in crafting the organizational infrastructure and devising strategic initiatives allows us to host nationwide events and deliver essential services.

In his forthcoming role as Executive Vice President of Technology, Cory’s ability to leverage technology will be a significant asset. Known for his innovative thinking, Cory integrates modern technology to devise unique solutions and advance our mission. From designing membership options that both foster community and generate vital resources to creating impactful training materials and videos, Cory seamlessly blends technology and vision to propel our organization forward.

As we journey towards the future, Cory’s unwavering dedication and forward-thinking approach continue to shape our path. His commitment to improving lives and integrating technology in our service delivery sets a powerful precedent. We are grateful for Cory’s contributions and eagerly anticipate the transformative advancements he will lead as our Executive Vice President of Technology.

James V

James Veigel Executive Administration & Co-Founder

James’s life has been marked by a resolute determination to overcome obstacles and achieve remarkable success, despite being born with a disability called Arthrogryposis that severely limited the use of his arms. Through hard work and an unwavering commitment to excellence, he has consistently surpassed expectations.
In his youth, James actively participated in sports, including soccer and football, where he displayed exceptional skill and dedication. As an adult, he transitioned to Muay Thai (kickboxing) and explored the artistry of ballroom dancing, showcasing his versatility and passion for physical pursuits.
Academically, James holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business from Biola University, a distinguished institution renowned for its comprehensive business programs. He pursued his academic growth by completing a Master’s degree in Political Science and World Economics from Webster University, a highly respected institution known for its excellence in global education. Additionally, he expanded his knowledge through biblical studies, attending Bible classes at Westminster Seminary to further enhance his understanding and insights.
Professionally, James has thrived in a range of roles, leveraging his diverse skill set to excel. As a Hospital Chaplain, he has provided compassionate support to individuals facing challenging circumstances. In his capacity as a Project Manager, he has successfully overseen complex initiatives, demonstrating meticulous attention to detail and analytical prowess. As a Payroll Specialist, James has ensured the smooth financial operations of organizations, while his role as an Executive Administrator has allowed him to optimize productivity through streamlined processes. 
James’s unique life experience, shaped by his disability, has endowed him with high adaptability and a strong motivation to surmount obstacles. His ability to transcend limitations and accomplish his goals is a testament to his determination and resourcefulness.

Michael Hendryx Vice President

Michael Hendryx
Michael is a native Floridian with a servant’s heart and thrives on impacting the lives of veterans and first responders. His faith is unwavering and serves as the foundation of everything he does.

Throughout his professional journey, Michael has gained extensive leadership experience and developed strong business acumen. He is dedicated, loyal, and persistent in all his endeavors. One of Michael’s greatest passions is training and developing employees, equipping them for operational success. He takes pride in building teams across large geographical areas and fostering collaboration.

Excellence is his constant pursuit and approaches every task with persistence and determination. Michael firmly believes in maintaining integrity across all aspects of life, ensuring consistency in his actions and decisions. Building deep and meaningful relationships is important to him, and he strives to achieve this through honest and authentic conversations.

In addition to his professional pursuits, Michael finds fulfillment in volunteering. As a Volunteer Field Staff member for Ironman Outdoors Ministry, he is privileged to spiritually support men through outdoor activities such as hunting and fishing. Furthermore, he contributes to the Nehemiah Church Security Team at The Church of Eleven22, ensuring the safety and well-being of the children and fellow worshippers.

Michael and his spouse share a mutual commitment to ministry work and find purpose in Kingdom building. Their shared faith and passion drive them to make a positive difference in the lives of those around them.

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