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GUARDIAN COMMUNITY GUARDIAN COMMUNITY A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Supporting And Led By Veterans & First Responders

APPLY FOR ASSISTANCE APPLY FOR ASSISTANCE We provide veterans and first responders vital support, fellowship, and resources, empowering them to thrive and find renewed purpose for FREE.

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Guardian Community highly recommends the Military Warriors Support Foundation. They have “proudly awarded over 1,000 mortgage-free and gift-tax free homes as well as over 130 payment free vehicles to Wounded Heroes and Gold Star Families.” 

US13 was created to represent and honor our Fallen 13 heroes we tragically lost in Kabul on August 26, 2021. Our goal with this organization is not only to keep our troops & their families names remembered forever, but to continue showing love & appreciation for our military & all of the brave men & women who serve this amazing country.

“At AEP Outdoors, we honor the service of our special operations veterans by providing them with adrenaline outdoor adventure and fellowship. It was that brotherhood that kept them alive and it’s the brotherhood that will continue to do so.” 

The Captain Renaud Foundation was created in honor of Captain Matthew Renaud and his brave and selfless acts as a Houston firefighter. The foundation is here to provide immediate financial assistance to Houston firefighters and their families during those difficult times following a line of duty death or catastrophic injury, no matter their marital status and/or if they have children. Although these heroes know that those dangers are very real, they still perform their jobs fearlessly, heroically and exhibit unparalleled professionalism. Through fundraisers, donations, and the support of our community, The Captain Renaud Foundation has donated over $200,000 in financial assistance to Houston Firefighters and their families.

The Mission of the PTSD Foundation of America is to bring hope and healing to Combat Veterans and their families suffering from the effects of combat-related Post Traumatic Stress.

We do this by taking a whole-person approach, offering evidence-based peer-to-peer mentoring, both on an individual basis and in group settings. In addition, our programs and services are free to the Veteran and their family so that the focus remains on their journey to healing.

We take a collaborative approach to raising awareness of the increasing needs of the military community by working with government agencies, service organizations, churches, and private sector businesses to combine resources.

By taking our message to public events, media outlets, social media, and service organizations we can more effectively reach Veterans in crisis and make life-saving impact on the Veteran community.


The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has a huge amount of resources available to Veterans.  Click on the VA logo above to go directly to the site.

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