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 Phoenix, AZ  Phoenix, AZ Community Leader

Outreach Director

Alex Beaverson

Outreach Director

Alex Beaverson Outreach Director

Hello, I’m Alex Beaverson, and my unwavering passion lies within the vibrant city of Phoenix. Being part of a community that values and supports our dedicated first responders and veterans fills me with excitement and privilege. My previous roles at various churches across California, Wyoming, and Arizona not only allowed me to speak on local and national stages but also provided opportunities to lead teams, refine my leadership skills, and excel in program development and public speaking. In addition to my professional journey, my family, including my wife and two sons, keeps life busy with soccer practices and community projects. Alongside leading our Phoenix team, I also play a role in managing a local golf course in Phoenix. I’m grateful for the dedicated Phoenix Guardian community, and together, we’re here to answer your questions and serve alongside you. As I continue my journey in Phoenix, my commitment remains steadfast—to make a positive impact and serve those who have selflessly served us. Let’s work together to create a lasting difference in the lives of our first responders, veterans, and the wonderful Phoenix community.

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Highlighted Veteran Projects Highlighted Veteran Projects

  • Malik started his law enforcement path early, inspired to serve. At 15, he joined the North Miami Beach Police as a Police Explorer and later served five years in the U.S. Navy, continuing in the U.S. Airforce National Guard.

    On March 26, 2023, Officer Daricaud was tragically shot in the neck during a traffic stop. Despite this, he remains stable and is courageously recovering. His journey ahead is tough, but he’s hopeful.

    During this time, his wife and son’s love supports Officer Daricaud. Yet, with hospital and rehab costs, plus lost income, his family faces financial challenges.

  • Blair Didion, a U.S. Army Medic from 2001-2008, bravely served two tours in Iraq. In 2006, he sustained multiple spinal fractures in combat, marking his service with valor. Born and raised in Sandusky, Ohio, Blair’s life post-service has been challenging.

    Recently, Blair, along with his wife and their beloved dog and cat, faced eviction and homelessness. Our organization stepped in to assist, ensuring they find a new home and regain stability. We’re committed to supporting Blair and his family during this difficult period.

Lance Knadler
Lance 2
  • This is Lance Knadler. He was born in Camp Lejeune, NC December 1989 and served in the United States Marine Corps (Infantry) from 2012-2018. He moved to Montana and started working as a correctional officer at Montana State Prison in June 2018. On August 15th, 2018, he was riding passenger when his vehicle was hit by a moose at 80mph. He broke his C5, suffered a spinal cord injury, and was in ICU for a month and rehab for 4 months at Puget Sound in Washington State and McGuire Hospital in Richmond, Virginia. He currently resides in Saint Pauls, NC with his wife (Jessica) and daughter (Yvie).

    100% of your donation goes to help Lance drive. Our organization will match your donation.*

    Phase 1 of the Driver Rehabilitation training has been paid for by Guardian Community, and Lance will begin with the therapist TODAY! 

We’re on a mission to help as many as we can this year.  Want to join the fight?

How You Can Lend a Hand

  • Donate: Every dollar you contribute helps us support our heroes.
  • Spread the Word: Encourage your friends, family, and colleagues to join in our efforts.
Lance Knadler

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