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Our tournaments are less ‘sweat-dripping, heart-pounding PGA finals’ and more ‘let’s all have a laugh and maybe hit a ball straight’. Rather than putting on the pressures of competitive play, we’re all about you getting your moment in the sun. Every hole’s a new chance to be a legend, even if it’s just for a minute. So come, give it a swing, and shine on you crazy golfer!

Format Format Individual Stroke Play Skins

Grouping: Players will be grouped into foursomes.

Skins Accumulation: If a player wins a hole within their foursome, they earn a “skin”. The player with the most skins at the end of 18 holes represents their group in the “Surprise Playoff Challenge”.

Surprise Playoff Challenge: If the representing player wins the challenge, (Par 3 KP, 20′ Pitch KP, Elimination Putt, LD, etc.) all four members of their original group win and receive tickets to the bi-annual “Champions Invitational”*.

Food & Drink:  We try our hardest to get you fed with a drink at every golf event!

Games Games Free For Members ($65 Non-Members)

Membership Benefits ($19/Mo) 

(12) On-Course Games: 3 KPs, 3 LDs, 3 GIRs, 3 FIRs (all with prizes)

Patriot Putt: A single 10′ elimination putt with a prize of $250. (5 drawn raffle tickets)

Progressive Putt: Sequential putts from 10′, 20′, and 50′ with a prize of $500+. 

(Extra) Guardian GrabBag ($20): (2) on-course mulligans, (5) Patriot Putt raffle tickets, and (2) extra branded balls

Lighthearted Rules for Our Anything-but-Typical Golf Tournament:
All participants are urged to play with sportsmanship, respect, and the intent of fostering community and camaraderie. Let’s make every tournament memorable!

1. Dress Code: While we appreciate your love for neon, let’s keep it golf-appropriate. Think less disco party, more casual golf chic. No denim – unless you can convince us it’s from the latest golf fashion week.

2. Check-In: Be there or be square! Please arrive 30 minutes before your tee time. Fashionably late only works at cocktail parties, not here.

3. Weather Policy: If Mother Nature decides to throw a party, we’ll decide whether to join in or rain-check. Umbrellas: for rain, not sun-tanning.

4. Code of Conduct: Be cool, play fair, respect everyone, and remember – it’s just a game! Unsportsmanlike behavior will earn you a time-out. And no one wants that.

5. Pace of Play: We’re all for deep-life discussions, but maybe save them for after the game? Keep the ball rolling, quite literally.

6. Ball Marks & Divots: Treat the course like your living room. Would you leave a mess there? (Don’t answer if you’re a teenager.)

7. Local Rules: Every place has its quirks. We’ll hand you the low-down on our course’s idiosyncrasies on game day.  If we’re adopting any unique course rules for the day, you’ll be notified before the event starts.

8. Rulings: Got an issue? Our tournament committee, a.k.a. the Guardian Golf Supreme Court, will have the final say. They wear robes and everything. (Not really.)

19. Cancellation: Ghosting isn’t cool in dating or golf. If you can’t make it, let us know 48 hours in advance.

10. Mobile Devices: Set them to silent. But if your ringtone is bird chirping, we might just let it slide. (Please be bird chirping.)

11. Safety: Check twice before you swing. Unless you’re playing a game of “Whack-a-Mole,” there shouldn’t be any surprises. 

12. Photography: Smile! You might just become our next poster child. And by that, we mean you’ll be on our social media. 

13. Branded Balls: Guardian-branded balls must be used to participate in the on-course contests (KPs, LDs, GIRs, FIRs).  If a friend loses their ball, feel free to give them one if you have an extra!

14.  Contest Winnings:  Guardian Community reserves the right to change contest winnings at any time.  We are, after all, a non-profit!  Sometimes we have to make some last-minute changes!  We promise to only do this when you win big – just kidding, maybe.

15. Feedback: Loved it? Hated it? Tell us! We have thick skins, a passion for improvement, and a slight fear of negative reviews.

Membership Benefits ($19/Mo)
Games (Free): 3 KPs, 3 LDs, 3 FIRs, 3 GIRs, Patriot Putt, Progressive Putt, surprise playoff challenge, lunch & drink, one raffle ticket, one branded ball

Games ($65 or $19/Mo): All membership benefits

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