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Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles, CA Community Leader

Outreach Director

David Knaak

Outreach Director

David Knaak Outreach Director

David Knaak is a dedicated individual who has made a significant impact in various roles. As the Regional Director at Guardian Community, he brings leadership and compassion to his work. With a background as a former pastor and mental health counselor, David’s commitment to helping those in need is evident. Beyond his professional life, he finds joy in activities like golf, surfing, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. His passion for assisting others, both emotionally and spiritually, reflects a deep sense of purpose in all aspects of his life.

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As the leaves change color and the air carries the scent of autumn, Thanksgiving beckons us to count our blessings and share our abundance. In the spirit of gratitude and giving, Guardian Community is proud to announce our partnership with local churches to bring warmth, comfort, and a bountiful Thanksgiving dinner to families in need within our community.

How You Can Lend a Hand

  • Donate: Every dollar you contribute helps us supply a family with the ingredients for a memorable Thanksgiving meal.
  • Spread the Word: Encourage your friends, family, and colleagues to join in our efforts to make this Thanksgiving a joyful occasion for all.
Lance Knadler
Lance 1
Lance 2
  • This is Lance Knadler. He was born in Camp Lejeune, NC December 1989 and served in the United States Marine Corps (Infantry) from 2012-2018. He moved to Montana and started working as a correctional officer at Montana State Prison in June 2018. On August 15th, 2018, he was riding passenger when his vehicle was hit by a moose at 80mph. He broke his C5, suffered a spinal cord injury, and was in ICU for a month and rehab for 4 months at Puget Sound in Washington State and McGuire Hospital in Richmond, Virginia. He currently resides in Saint Pauls, NC with his wife (Jessica) and daughter (Yvie).

    100% of your donation goes to help Lance drive. Our organization will match your donation.*

    Phase 1 of the Driver Rehabilitation training has been paid for by Guardian Community, and Lance will begin with the therapist TODAY! 


Mike Taylor Live and the Guardian Community

Shannon joins Mike Taylor Live to promote upcoming Guardian events in the Texas Guardian Community.

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